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    Thanks for visiting my website. I specialize in 'natural web sites. I also try to minimize the annoying animations and other special effects that can be so distracting, but if you want that sort of thing on your website, then I'll be happy to incorporate it. Not all of my web sites ( 150 plus and counting ) are natural textured style; some are 'corporate' while others are more spartan / elegant. My goal is to work with you to develop the best possible website based on your needs and tastes.

    I've been doing web sites professionally since 1994. At first I just did a few sites for local businesses. Now, years later, my business has grown to include clients on both coasts of the US. While most of my website clients are locally owned businesses, I can work with you via telephone and email to create whatever kind of website you need.

    I'm easy to work with and my pricing is simple and transparent, and that's why my prices are posted on my website. My interaction with a new client is straightforward and simple. We go back and forth via email, telephone, and in person if possible, throughout the design and creation process. I'll get an idea of what kind of design you're looking for and will produce an initial run up for you to examine. I'm not a sensitive 'artiste' so you can be as blunt as you like in describing what about it you don't like or think would make it more to your liking. We continue this process for as long as it takes until the website design is what you want. After that, I add in all the other sub pages. When that process is complete, then and only then, do I send you my bill.

    Many clients want to know if I can get them to the top of the search engines, if there's a way to guarantee a spot in the top 10 or better. I won't try and pull a snow job on you by making promises that nobody in the industry can keep. I'd rather lose a potential client than make false claims or guarantees. However, I will guarantee that I'll design the website to the best of my ability, keeping in mind the need for the website to be amenable to search engines. Careful selection of content and other aspects of the home page along with astute selection of a domain name quite often leads to good results; many of my sites are in the top 10 spots for their desired search phrases.

    I have my own SSL certificate at https://trustworthycart.com. All of my clients have access to this secure website as part of all hosting packages at no extra charge so I can set up an ecommerce website ready to go without delays. However, if you wish to have your own SSL certificate installed on your own website for a more polished look, I can set that up for an additional fee ( exactly what Thawte charges me ) of if you have the SSL certificate already purchased, I can have my server administrators install it for your website.

    Adobe Dreamweaver is my tool of choice along with a few select others. While it isn't the most inexpensive software I've purchased, the Adobe Creative Suite has so many tools integrated into the development environment that I can't imagine using anything else.

    Please feel free to browse my website. Have a look at many of the web sites I have at the moment. I've also included some of the ones that have moved on just so you can get an idea of the different designs I've done.

Web-Author.com - Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance
Web-Author.com - Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance
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Web-Author.com - Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance
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